Dr. Field Visits Montclair’s TV34

The Montclair Times and Montclair TV34 are pleased to announce that the latest edition of Times, toois now available for viewing.  Mark S. Porter, Editor, The Montclair Times discusses a new breed of Fire Safety program with his very special guest Dr, Frank Field. 

 A long time advocate of Fire Safety programs, Dr. Field describes the mechanisms of a new interactive program he has fostered into existence.  As Dr. Field explains; “Very few fires begin in school.  Most fires begin at home.  Doesn’t It makes  sense to bring Fire Safety education into the home rather than keep it in school?”  To that end, Dr. Field  marshaled schools, fire departments and local cable television stations to join forces.  These combined forces will bring Fire Safety  into the home on many levels.

An exciting, new interactive aspect, the website, www.NJFireSafety.com completes the outreach efforts by offering up video on demand, posting timely updates and offering visitors a place to exchange comments and offer suggestions. 

The first in the series of Fire Education programs; “Fire is Black” will be launched during the first week in October.  Additional segments will be introduced on a monthly basis

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