Fall 2019 “Fire Is…”

Instructors: Andrew Stratton, Captain, Cranford Fire Department
Helge Nordtveit, Fire Captain (Ret.), Retired Youth Fire Setter Intervention Program Manager,
Current Fire Official, Fire Instructor and Fire Service Trainer

This course will provide fire service personnel with a comprehensive overview of the “Fire Is” fire safety and survival education program. The goal of this program is not only reaching middle school-aged children as they begin to understand fire, but their parents/guardians and caregivers as well. The curriculum is centered on an internet-based learning system where children are assigned by their schools to view educational modules at home with their parents throughout the school year.

This free program is designed to be done outside of the busy classroom thus not adding any course load pressure to the middle school teachers. This program covers aspects of the reality of what is experienced in a real structure fire, and how to survive. Upon completion of the program, the student takes an online test and is issued a certificate of Completion where a school test grade is then recorded. Session attendees will receive copies of the program, letters of endorsement from numerous schools in NJ who have heralded its success; a course curriculum guide; and simplified instruction on how to implement the program without taxing the schools’ current curriculum or teacher workload.

The instructor will present the media and public views on how fire safety and the fire service are portrayed in the media to children and their families currently thus showing the absolute need for a change in the fire service to reality based instruction as found in this program.



Download the Fall 2019 Course Brochure:  http://www.keanfiresafety.com/course-brochure-2/

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