Cranford School District and Fire Department Team Up

To celebrate Fire Prevention week, October 3-9, 2010, principals throughout the school district along with Chief Leonard Dolan and Safe Kids New Jersey have joined together to present the first in a series of important family fire safety and prevention lessons.  This year’s video lesson will be introduced the first Friday of the month with a different video each month for six months.  These video lessons will teach both caregivers, parents and children to the reality and danger of fire.  “Fire is Black” will begin airing on Friday, October 1st.  The video will be available for viewing in residents homes on the Cranford Public Schools website at , TV35 the communities local access channel along with on this website, .

NJ State Law requires that all schools in the state teach fire safety and prevention.  While Stop, Drop and Roll lessons are fun and informative, a NJ Homeland Security Grant is enabling schools to go beyond the basics and help teach the more, serious life-long lessons of fire safety.  After viewing the videos, there will be four questions that students/parents will be asked to answer with a “yes” or “no”.  After the six months of videos, a quiz will be posted for the students.  The Cranford School District will announce a winner’s name on their website.

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